Ingolf Waßmann


I'm a computer scientist, engineer, PhD candidate, and husband. (I guess, the latter one is the hardest job. ;-P) My research deals with social learning processes within Web 3.0 learning and teaching environments.


Software Developer

Comdirect bank AG

Member of research lab, working on machine learning topics.

  • Top secret!
December 2018 - Present

Scientific Assistant

University of Rostock

Working in different projects and as teaching assistant.

  • Project "TrainOXY": Developing an expert system for an optical, mobile sensor system for measuring different parameters like pulse rate and oxygen saturation in muscles during sports.
  • Project "Junior Study Program": Developing and Managing a study preparation program for German high school pupils. Project management and coordination of a team with more than 10 members. Public relations. Organizing up to 250 junior students each semester.
  • Project "Computer Engineering Online": Joint venture of 5 North German universities with the objective to develop and establish an online study program for computer engineering. Design and Development of a Web 3.0 learning platform.
  • Teaching Assistant for lectures "Software Engineering" and "Object-Oriented Software Engineering". Supervising several Bachelor/Master theses, and student assistants.
  • Administration of a cloud-based infrastracture, web servers, network storages, backup solutions and many more.
May 2012 - December 2018

Internship as Software Developer

MICON e. V., Rostock

Development of an agent for automatic, load-based distribution of virtual machines within a cloud environment with the aim to optimize energy efficiency. Administration of a high performance cluster.

April 2011 - August 2011

Student Assistant in different projects

University of Rostock
  • Further development of my internship work (software agent for optimizing energy efficiency of data centers).
  • Developing and installing the hardware and software infrastructure of an open-air test lab for a vehicular communication network.
September 2009 - April 2012

Civilian Service

Diakonie, Grevesmühlen

Care of physically and mentally handicapped persons.

October 2005 - July 2006


Master of Science, Computer Engineering

University of Rostock

GPA: 1.10

Master Thesis: Development of a Model for Estimating Load-Dependent Energy Consumption of Computer Systems, Grade: 1.0

April 2010 - April 2012

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering

University of Rostock

GPA: 2.20

Bachelor Thesis: Conception and Realization of an IMS-Compatible SIP Client with GPS Support for Android, Grade: 1.3

October 2006 - February 2010


Gymnasium am Tannenberg, Grevesmühlen

GPA: 2.50

August 1996 - July 2005


Machine Learning
  • Pipeline Programming in Python
  • Feature Engineering (Analysis, Feature Selection and Reduction)
  • Data Preprocessing including Imputing, Categorial Encoding, Sampling, Scaling, PCA/LDA
  • Model Training and Hyperparameter Optimization (Tree-Based Classifiers, Gradient Boosting, Neural Networks)
  • Parallel Computing on CPU and GPU Clusters
  • Evaluation and Model Comparison (Cross Validation, Confusion Matrix, Precision/Recall, AUC)
  • Anomaly Detection using Autoencoders

Web Development
  • HTML5, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
  • MediaWiki Framework with Extension API
  • MySQL Database
  • Android App Development
  • WS4D (Web Services for Embedded Systems)
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging

Programming Languages & Tools
  • Python, Java, C/C++, Eiffel
  • MySQSL/MariaDB, Oracle & PL/SQL
  • Parallelization: Pthreads, OpenMP, MPI
  • Git, SVN, Redmine, Jira, Mantis

Server Infrastructure
  • Ubuntu Server, CentOS/RHEL
  • VMware ESXI & vSphere
  • Docker Container


Since 2012, I'm intensively involved in several e-learning topics. Most of all, I'm interested in the realization of intelligent communication channels between users for different use cases (learning, tutoring, assessment). The reason is, that "We systematically overestimate the value of access to information and underestimate the value of access to each other." (Clay Shirky). For this, I'm dealing with A. I. technologies like semantic search engines, topic modelling, and self-learning systems in order to achieve a user-centered, adaptive approach for connecting people within learning networks.

Moreover, as a computer scientist and technology-addicted person, I'm inspired by every idea of supporting human beings in their daily work and life using hardware and software. As a huge fan of science fiction books and films, I'm familiar with all imaginable worst-case scenarios (Skynet, Matrix, The Circle, Altered Carbon, Daemon series, Black Mirror, 1984, etc.), but despite of this I strongly believe in a positive, technolgy-enhanced future. Especially, I'm fascinated by autonomous driving, space travel, digital assistants, wearables, and home automation.

Apart of that, I love doing sports in my spare time, in particular body building, soccer, and canoeing. And I like to travel around the world, to see new places, people and nature.


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Conference Proceedings
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Further Studies
  1. PhD Course "Software Engineering Models and Modeling", 2 Weeks, University of Rostock, 2017.
  2. PhD Course "Math and Computing Foundations of Software Engineering", 2 Weeks, 3 ECTS, South Ural State University, Tscheljabinsk (Russia), 2017.
  3. Conference "Bildung 4.0", Bitkom, Berlin (Germany), 2017.
  4. PhD Course "Problem-based Case Studies and Learning in Software Engineering", 2 Weeks, 5 ECTS, Best Poster Award, Aalborg University, Kopenhagen (Denmark), 2016.
  5. Conference "GML2 (Grundfragen Multimedialen Lehrens und Lernens) 2013 - Renaissance des E-Learning?", Berlin (Germany), 2013.
  6. Workshop "Digitale Leere oder E-Learning 3.0? Impulse für die Informationskompetenzvermittlung", Library University of Rostock, 2013.
  7. Workshop "Introduction to OWL-Ontologies and Protégé", Systems Biology and Bioinformatics, University of Rostock, 2013.
  8. Workshop about Current E-Learning Topics at Chair for Complex Multimedia Application Architectures in Potsdam (Germany), 20. Juli 2012.


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